DSC_0537Ahoj! I´m Hanny, a 23 years old spaniard spending one year, from October 2014, as an EVS volunteer in the Youth Club Legato and Circus LeGrando. Althoug I have some experience working as a leisure time educator, I´m a beginner with the circus arts. But as it is said, high motivation is the best starting point.

m also running an English conversation group with teenagers and organising cultural actions as the Spanish evening.

Hope you all will enjoy the short videos I will post about the working tasks, the cultural learning and the different activities I´m involved in as a volunteer.

Any question or proposal for activities will be more than welcome!

Uvidime se!



 DSC_0539Ahoj! My name is Paula Blumenschein, I am from Germany and currently doing my European Voluntary Service here at Lávka Studio in Legato.Why do a European Voluntary Service?The main reason why I chose to do a European Voluntary Service was that I wanted to do some practical work after school.I furthermore love travelling and exploring new cultures and countries, which is why I decided to try and find a project somewhere abroad.Why the Czech Republic?I wanted to go to a country, whose culture I didn’t know at all and stay away from the typical choices of gap years like the USA, New Yealand, Australia, UK…It then was my short trip to Prague last year that encouraged me to apply for a project here in the Czech Republic, as I really enjoyed my trip very muchMy work here

My working tasks here are quite diverse. For instance I am participating in Lavka’s filming group and leading the English conversation group on Wednsdays together with Hanny. I then also work in Legato’s open youth club and help with Leagto‘s programs for schools, mainly by taking pictures and then editing them for the website.

I furthermore do quite some manual work, as Lavka is still in the process of moving to the Legato branch and we still have to empty the old building and arrange ourselves in the new rooms.

I am looking forward to upcoming events here!

Paula´s text in PDF