tumblr_inline_nkycs1LODc1t6moscI am Marina I. Villaverde Lopez, I am from Cevico de la Torre, Palencia, Spain. I am 24 years old.

I have just finished my degree in Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca, where I spent four years.

Currently I am In Brno, in my EVS in Luzanky. Legato is my workplace. There is where I spend my time doing different activities like workshops in the VEGET Klub and preparing events as Leto a Dym, Halloween,…

As well I spend my time in the Film Group with the children, we are recording short films, sound, musics, we are editing videos and photos.

My group: Mirek and Eva organize Programs for Schools on different topics: television, newspaper, radio, advertaisment,… where I help and take photos.

The truth is that I am happy of being a part of Luzanky as I feel that I am learning a lot of things and that I can be a great help.

I think this year will be a good professional and personal experience.

My video from Tunisian Evening (2016)


300px-No_image_available.svgMy name is Ana, a 23 year old girl from Georgia. I graduated Tbilisi State University and moved here, in Brno as an EVS volunteer. I decided to do EVS , because this is a great way to travel abroad , live in a different society, practice and gain new skills. I chose Czech Republic because I did not know a lot, but willing to know. I work in Legato with kids. My task is various , including preparing games for kids and do some handicrafts. Apart this, I am leading an English conversation club on Wednesdays and work as an project coordinator´s assistant.


For now, I can say that Brno is a very nice city. I am little disappointed with my Czech, but apart this, everything goes well.